What is Annual Airfreight Plan? 

Become a Regulated Agent is just the first step in starting your business, how to maintain the “Up-To-Day” status effectivity and it is an art of business.

Airfreight Development Program is a tailor-made service for Regulated Agent (RA), developed by Alliance Knowledge Management Limited (AKM) ; With our experience growth with Hong Kong Aviation  Security Programs since 20 + Years.

This programs targeting major aspects, includes “Professional Training Services”, “Pre-CAD Health Checking Audit”, “Free-Liability Process Controls consulting” and more…

It aims to facilitate and enhance your business operation while to minimize risks in an effective manner.




而「空運顧問服務」是專為空運貨物保安 – 管制代理人制度推出的計劃


  • 一年免費的咨詢顧問服務,有關於管制代理人問題我們都能一一解答
  • 民航處認可課堂 (當中包括 RA , RACSF, DGA, DGR, LI-CAT)
  • 無限次更改RASP文件給民航處
  • 模擬民航處評估審核並提供專業報告
  • 倉庫評估審核和更多


Who can apply Annual Airfreight Plan?

We are welcome ALL validate Regulated Agent (RA) with the Civil Aviation Department.

Besides, if you are not a Regulated Agent yet or you wish to apply “Regulated Agent (RA)” Programme,

Please feel free to contact us for further assistant.



Where can apply Annual Airfreight Plan?

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