Facility Security Requirements (FSR)

TAPA FACILITY SECURITY REQUIREMENTS has been established to ensure the safe and secure warehousing, or in-transit storage of high value cargo throughout the world. Facilities are classified into one of three FSR levels: “A” being the highest security level and “C” the lowest. Logistics Service Providers or Buyers may decide to become classified at a lower level to begin with, and then progress to B or A level as improvements are made to the facility.

Our Consulting Service TAPA
FSR is a requirement for Logistics Service Providers and Buyers in warehouse security, security procedure and best security practice. We take your compliance needs seriously. Our services are specifically designed to deliver security, performance and innovation to our clients. Our goal is not just to giving you a canned procedure to meet the requirements, but to ensure a compliance that reveal the security and integrity of your organization, Hassle free!

Auditing Service
As a leading Supply Chain Security consulting firm in Asia Pacific, we are actively involved in international and local compliance auditing. Our consulting team specialized in Auditing and Security Assessment. We utilized our experience to develop a comprehensive auditing tools for Logistics Services Providers and Buyers. The Audits independently verify, confirm and discuss with management representative, and the structural assessment report to provide you on-going measurement on your operations. performance.

Shadow audit? No worry!
Our consulting service provides more extensive coverage for TAPA FSR, and this coverage is complemented by a regulatory compliance service. Through this service, our compliance team continually to attend international workshop, meeting, conference, symposium and provide sources to understand the intension of each requirement set in TAPA FSR. Thus, we have ground to support when designing and implementing procedures and practices, and with this compliance assurance, you are not afraid of shadow audit.

ABOUT Freight Security Requirement (FSR)
Freight Security Requirements (FSR) are governed by the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) to ensure that high value goods and products are safely and securely handled, transported and stored. Introduced at a time when companies seem to be facing increasing threats to their supply chains, the Requirements outline the processes and specifications necessary for suppliers to attain TAPA certification for their facilities and transit operations. They specify minimum acceptable security standards for products travelling through the supply chain and illustrate the methods by which those standards should be maintained. FSR involve risk assessment, a number of typical management system requirements and an outline of mandatory elements for physical security measures.
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