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TAPA APAC Growth in China a Priority

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) was created in 1997 in the United States as a not for profit trade association by representatives from the high-technology industry to mitigate the risk of cargo crime. TAPA being a trade association attracted many more members from the supply chain industry, expanded around the world and now consists of three regions, TAPA Americas (AMR), TAPA Asia Pacific (APAC) and TAPA Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The three TAPA regions work in concert with each other through a World Wide Council to maintain globally accepted security standards for facilities (TAPA Facility Security Requirements), and over the road trucking (TAPA Trucking Security Requirements).

Please be advised that there is another organization called “TAPA China”. This organization is linked to a Singapore registered society called “TAPA North Asia Region”. “TAPA North Asia Region” is not a member of the TAPA World Wide Council. Use or reference to the TAPA name or brand by “TAPA China” or “TAPA North Asia Region” is whole without the expressed permission of the three legal regional TAPA entities or the TAPA World Wide Council. TAPA APAC is the only legitimately licensed entity of TAPA in this region.

Hereby WWC has confirmed and made a statement that they give their full support on the matter mentioned above. Click to read in full of the letter signed by the regions Chairman.