Wish to start a RA? 

There are hundred of RA "born" every year. Starting a business looks simple but the first steps towards your successful business are often the biggest, as every desicion you made will set you on the road to success. 

You may have thousand of idea or picture of your success, but what element in between are the most extensive to judge whether your are on the stepping stone or stumbling block. Although passion is important, good planning is a must. Without a good business plan you could struggle to make a go of it. 

How can we assist?

Alliance partners with clients across logistics industries to solve complex business challenges by mixng client's experience with our innovation business strategies. Alliance achieves this by leveraging on knowledge sharing in business applications, functions, and technologies.


RA Application Service

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Mr. Ryan Ngan - Business Manager

RA Application Service


Regulated Agent Registration / Airfreight Compliance Program

We have been assisting over 900 agents in their airfreight operation regarding to security and safety. We can support and guide you through the RA registration and operation process and provide you with the knowledge and expertise required whether you are a first time investor or experienced operator. We can also assist on develop you business network through our business networking session.

Airfreight Compliance Documentation System

Airfreight Compliance Documentation System was introduced by Alliance in January 2015, specifically to support Air Export's record keeping for CAD RAR compliance, to replace the traditional casual filing practice. The Documentation System help on structural the record keeping in daily operation and satisfying the future need on data collection. The Documentation system also safe your time in preparing external inspection and help you to present a good monitoring mechanism over the air export operation to the authority.

Facility Control Management

The Facility Control Management audit was developed by the Alliance in response to customer queries regarding warehouse, transportation security and RAR compliance. The goals of Facility Control Management are to ensure that Forwarder’s warehouse and transportation (owned / contracted) implement the security of their physical operations pursuant to suitable security criteria. We also measure the warehouse which international standard: Transported Asset Protection Association Freight Security Requirements & Trucking Security Requirements(TAPA-FSR & TSR) to have a cross spectrum of functions to take place in warehouse security and explore new business opportunities.

Training Management

Training Management System alert you in certification renew, course recommendation and training records trace to save your time on staff training monitoring. In line with the surge need for Air Export in security, safety procedures and adequate abilities, there is a growing need for a cross functions of personnel to supervises the operations and innovates new business opportunities. Our Dangerous Goods, RAR certificate training course and Professional Level Up training has been designed to provide your staff with the required knowledge and skills to effectively take up their position.

RAR Quality Management / Security Assessment (Pre-Contingency)

RAR internal audit / Security Assessment were introduced by Alliance in June 2004 to ensure a forwarder’s operation and procedure of forwarder’s Security Program is consistent. The mission of the internal audit is to confirm compliance and prevent incident in advance. The audit format and methodology have been upgraded few times based on the change of global industrial practice, local requirements, previous audit data’s and forwarder need and concerns. Based on our record RA have an improvement in the level of compliance after first audit, and improve in operation flow in on going audit, management feedback the audit help on internal control, increase in staff awareness and prevent of incident.

Operations Deficiency Recovery (Post-Contingency)

A security or safety incident can be an intimidating event. It is even worse if you do not have the internal resources or expertise to investigate and determine the scope of the problem. Our Operations Deficiency Recovery is ready to help. Our best and most experienced consultant will respond immediately and help you through your crisis. Our consultants provide the expertise and knowledge to determine what happened and how to rectify the mistake and how can you prevent them.

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