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In view of the ICAO policy direction where consignors not subject to approval by the Aviation Security Authority be phased out by 30 June 2021, CAD has developed a new scheme to enable and regulate cargo screening in off-airport locations.

Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility (RACSF)

ICAO policy direction suggests that other than KC approved by ASA, other consignments become an unknown cargo and subject to security screening. One of the option for consignments to be accepted and loaded on an aircraft is to be approved by ASA as an entity which applies security controls to cargo sufficient to allow carriage on any commercial aircraft.

This will affect the mode most forwarders operates nowadays. In order to consolidate cargo(裝版) on site, they must first have cargo screened at a RACSF  before cargo consolidation is possible.

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    2016 September ICAO Secretary General issued a State Letter announcing that consignors not subject to approval by the aviation security authority (ASA) be phased out by 30 June 2021
    2017 January CAD issued a notice about New Policy Direction
    2017 March – April Security Bureau conducted a survey regarding the new policy direction
    2017 July and ongoing Collaborated with industry practitioners in compiling concerns and suggestions
    2017 September Alliance attended ICAO Global Aviation Security Symposium
    2017 December Alliance conducted focus groups to collect concerns.
    2018 January Alliance supported “Cargo Forum Day 2018”, which covered this topic. For more information, click here.
    2018 February Alliance launched a pilot program of Certified Air Cargo Screening Facility.
    2018 September CAD conducted Information Sessions on Air Cargo Security and the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air.
    2018 October CAD opens registration for Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility (RACSF)




    國際民航組織的政策方向表明,除了ASA批准的KC之外,其他貨物成為未知貨物並需要進行安全檢查。 其一渠道是由ASA批准作為對貨物實施安全控制的實體,使貨物被接受和裝載在任何商業飛機上運輸上。

    這將影響當今大多數貨運代理商運營的模式。 為了在現場整合貨物(裝版),必須先在RACSF篩選貨物,再對貨物進行合併。


      2016年9月 國際民航組織秘書長發布了一封國家級信函,宣布無經航空保安局(ASA)(民航局)批准的托運人在2021年6月30日前被逐步淘汰
      2017年1月 CAD發布新政策方向通告
      2017年3至4月 保安局對新政策方向進行了訪問調查
      2017年7起 Alliance徵集業界關注和意見
      2017年9月 Alliance參加了國際民航組織全球航空安全研討會
      2017年12月 Alliance進行焦點小組收集顧慮。
      2018年1月 Alliance支持“Cargo Forum Day 2018”。 “Cargo Forum Day 2018”將涵蓋這個話題。 欲了解更多信息,請點擊此處
      2018年2月 Alliance 推出了 Certified Air Cargo Screening Facility 試點計劃。
      2018年9月 民航處舉辦有關航空貨運保安及空運危險貨物安全運輸的資訊簡介。
      2018年10月 民航處開放註冊管制空運貨物安檢設施(RACSF)。

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