RACSF shall nominate two persons as Nominated Persons (NP) for Cargo Security responsible for overseeing the effective implementation of cargo security operations and their compliance with the requirements of the RACSF Security Programme.

An RACSF applicant shall ensure that the two NPs have successfully completed an RACSF Security Training Programme run by training institutes acceptable to CAD before operation of the proposed RACSF. 

Upon successful completion of the Training Programme, training certificates will be issued to individual candidates.

The training certificates carry a validity of 3 years.


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管制空運貨物安檢設施的負責人須提名兩名貨物保安指定人(Nominated Persons),負責監督貨物保安措施的有效實施,以及監督該設施有否遵從《管制空運貨物安檢設施保安計劃書》(即管制空運貨物安檢設施申請表的第II部分)的規定。





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