Mr. Jimmy Pang Profile 

Founder & Vice President of Supply Chain Security Management Association


Jimmy is certified IATA trainer which approved by Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department for Aviation Security and Dangerous Goods Programs. Since 1998, he was guest lecturer for various programs with Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, program advisor for School of Continuing and Professional Education, City University of Hong Kong in 2006 and 2007. Presently, he is honor advisor and parting tutor for School of Business in Hang Seng Management College aviation security and safety course.


Professional Experience  


Jimmy is a Founder & President of Supply Chain Safety & Security Association (SCSA) and the representative of TAPA Hong Kong Services Center. With over 30 years field experience, served over 50 supply chain and logistics projects for both local and multi-national clients. Jimmy devoted himself to both associations* (SCSA & TAPA) for supply chain security & safety development and maintained distance to his consulting business since July 2013.


Jimmy activity in international events related to supply chain safety and security, for exchanging and learning the latest global direction, regulations, technology development, challenging and concerns. Recently, he was presented few supply chain safety & security related projects in ICAO, WCO and APEC conference in past few years. Though past 12 years participating international leading conference and symposium; such as APEC, IATA, ICAO, Interpol, WCO, TAPA, etc. It aims to provide 1st hand information and the direction global concerns and trends which allow to share and propose industrial solution for allying with global direction.








2013 7 月以來,致力發展供應鏈安全和安全發展的兩個協會*SCSA TAPA )


彭先生先生積極參與供應鏈安全和保安相關的國際活動,包括學術交流、學習最新的全球方向、法規、技術發展、挑戰等等。在過去幾年裡在 ICAOWCO APEC 會議上介紹了幾個供應鏈安全和安保相關的項目以及過往十二年參加國際領先會議和研討會,例如APECIATAICAOInterpolWCOTAPA等。目的是向提供國際同行發放第一手信息,方向,趨勢,以及結盟的行業提出解決方案。






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