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About CAD Regulated Agent Regime

For the security of air cargo to be in line with the Standard 4.6.4 of Annex 17 (10th edition) to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Safeguarding International Civil Aviation Against Acts of Unlawful Interference), the Hong Kong Aviation Security Programme which, is enforceable under the Aviation Security Ordinance, has incorporated the Regulated Agent Regime (RAR) since March 2000 by Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong (CAD). The four main entities under the RAR are aircraft operator (airline), regulated agent (RA), known consignor (KC) and account consignor (AC). A cargo handling agent, a freight forwarder or any other entity who conducts business with an airline can apply for registration as a regulated agent (RA). A regulated agent is required to comply with the relevant requirements set out in its Regulated Agent Security Programme and the Handling Procedures for Regulated Agent Regime in order to prevent the unauthorized carriage of explosives and incendiary devices in the consignments of cargo intended for carriage by passenger aircraft or all-cargo aircraft.

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