Totally 8 new RA registered, and 1 RA are no longer maintaining RA status. Foreseeable with large number of RA will no longer maintaining their RA status.


Compare between Jan & Feb 2022 of registered RA list

New Registered RA <RA32087> <RA32099> <RA32104><RA32116> <RA32128> <RA32130><RA32142>

No longer valid < RA 27874>

Estimate 100 RA will be gone

In past 2 months, in-active RA, especially the management located in Mainland, who may not be able to come to Hong Kong for either business of maintaining their RA status by their obligation, they also received ‘Advise’ from HKCAD for self-withdraw their RA status, therefore, after 23 months pandemic situation, if there is no breakthrough improvement, we expect 100 RA will be no longer maintaining their RA status within this year.

Alliance Advise; please keep your business partner monitor closely and reminding your business above the source of shipment and the cargo status for avoiding unnecessary hassles.

Latest RF status

There is no new RF register within Jan 2022, total 154 RF registered.

Continue of the tighten policy of quarantine for air crew, reduced schedule fright for both passenger and cargo fighter.

Under Latest HK SAR Pandemic policy, more international freight schedule are reduced or cancel, which affecting the overall payload, especially to certain destinations. Details need to keep update with corresponding carrier.

Exporting new routing is one of the activities for proacting cargo agents.

Industry partitioner still optimistic to the situation, although the number of infection cases rising both local and internationally,  because some people believe both global and China policy to new omicron case may have different handling policy, hopefully the situation may change after Feb.