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1. Conduct 1% Random X-ray Screening of Known Cargo

Under Section 11 of your RASP, each Regulated Agent shall arrange to conduct random x-ray screening of a minimum of 1% (in weight) of known cargo consignments, which have been recorded on valid Master Air Waybills with flight numbers assigned for carriage onboard passenger aircraft and all-cargo aircraft. For further details, please press here.

Press here to download the Proforma for Summary Report of Random X-ray Screening of Known Cargo (SPX or SCO Cargo) for completion.

Please note that failure to provide accurate and sufficient information on the report may result in suspension or de-registration of RA status.

2. Fulfill IATA DGR 1.6 Adequate instruction (Effective on 1 January 2017)

Any person preparing or offering cells or batteries for transport must receive adequate instruction on these requirements commensurate with their responsibilities.

At a minimum, an employer should consider the following as being adequate instruction:
1. Classification of lithium batteries being shipped.
2. Documentation of procedures applied to lithium batteries being shipped
3. Written work instructions or other documentation, including automated controls.
4. Review and understanding of documented procedures as applicable to job function.
5. Instruction records including date(s) for all employees.
6. Refresher instructions provided at a minimum every two years or as the documented instructions are revised or regulations are changed.
7. Reverse logistics, including transport mode and applicable prohibitions.

We recommend agent to perform following action(s) to comply to IATA requirements:

1. Buy the latest DGR Booklet and study it thoroughly
2. Attend Lithium Batteries Training and receive an attendance record
3. Prepare a standard operation procedure and ensure staff understand the operation details

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59th DGR Significant changes
Lithium Battery Guidance Document 2017 Most updated release