Select right cargo agent as your logistics business partner, to enhance your business to be Industrial leader. 

Hong Kong is world number one airport, cargo handling turnover 5 million tones annually, 120 airlines, over 200 destinations, cover all major airports of international economics; world-class finance and legal systems support the global trade, in line with high efficient and flexible operations, which facilitating Great Bay Area of China to be the future global hub of worldwide supply chain.


How do you select Hong Kong logistics business partner?

You may never bother to think about to have second source of logistics partner for optimizing your opportunities? as the company you deal with currently is so far so good; do you know there are 1300 registered Regulated Agent in Hong Kong?  based on their various business operations, we can classify them in various categories. Right to way to deploy your business plan with right partner, which may not just saving cost also able to enhance your business strategy and sharpening your competitive edge!

Therefore, it is very important to choose your logistics partner! Or in long term consideration, the most straightforward way to set up your own business in Hong Kong.


There are 1,300 air freight forwarders are registered in the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (HKCAD) as Regulated Agent (RA air cargo agent).

From our over 20 years’ experience in Hong Kong, our natural and professional role shall able to identify the right partner to match your business strategy; no matter for special cargo shipment or long-term development partner, or even set up a Hong Kong branch office, sure is Alliance is your best choice.


Hong Kong Cargo Agent can be classify into various category;

Business Model, some focus on…

  • Allotment business with airline, some have are Block Space Agreement (BSA) contract,
  • Cargo Operations, self-operate warehouse and installed x-ray, able to build up ULD,
  • Airline sales agent role and for assignment business,
  • Co-loading broker or coordinator role between shipment and space, etc.

Operation Model, some operate…

  • Direct shipment operations,
  • Conso shipment, space, weight, volume, and commodity consolidation operations,
  • Charter freight operations, special routing operations,
  • Mix load, transit, multimodal…etc.


No matter what, comply Aviation Safety & Security requirements is everyone basic responsibility.

All above flexible business & operation models, with long trust international relations, leads to high payload and keep Hong Kong continue to be world number one airport.

On the other hand, open platform and easy business environment for setting up an cargo agent in Hong Kong, like “low-cost, low commercial technical barrier” causing quality variance problem; ‘undeclare or mis-declare special/ regulated shipments, which may jeopardize your business, also threatening life and Hong Kong’s global air hub position; even you have good partner, they may not able to control their neighbor’s, just like the case in Nov 2017, it’s possible anyone could be next victim!


Other factors


Also, other factors like…


  • IATA & Commercial terms,
  • Insurance & liability, and
  • Compliance….to other international and Customs requirements

are key factors are beyond the pricing issue only.


Let’s talk to us, our professional team will share with you what we seem and interesting findings in our past 20 years auditing experience!


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